Meditations on Psalm 15: Introduction

Prayer is nothing more or less than openness to God.  It flows through our being in many forms: thoughts of Him, songs of and to Him, actions inspired by Him, and, of course, words spoken to Him.  I am aware of my need to be more open to prayer, more exposed to God, windows open to the fresh air of His presence.  This blog is part of my quest.  I am keenly interested in others’ thoughts, discoveries, and surprises in their God-focused journey.

Man reading Psalms at the Western Wall. Jerusa...

Man reading Psalms at the Western Wall. Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine, March 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the next series of postings I will be exploring the ‘blog post’ of the Psalmist, David, ancient writer/poet/historical figure of the nation of Israel some three millennia ago.  He expresses some thought-provoking comments regarding God, sources of great wisdom for those who will listen.  The one labeled ‘Psalm 15’ is titled ‘The man who abides with God’, and is a treasure worth exploring.  I thought I would work through this Psalm with some thoughts of my own, and would love to hear your thoughts too.  May God grant us His truth and wisdom as we explore His Word.

4 thoughts on “Meditations on Psalm 15: Introduction

    • I enjoyed this Psalm in “The Voice” which considers the moral qualities of the person who wishes to approach God.

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