Psalm 15:2

Verse 2: He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous

We asked of God, in verse one, who in the universe could ever dwell in His sanctuary; His awesome holiness, supremacy, and otherness in contrast to ours, delineates a vast gap between Him and us.

As we move into verse two, we seem to be no closer to bridging the gap.  Is there anyone whose walk is blameless, who could be considered righteous?  There is a sense of breathlessness as we observe and admit our own condition: no one in their right mind would consider themselves blameless or righteous. We fear the gavel in the judge’s hand hangs suspended in the air, about to fall in just proclamation: none is holy enough.  Any blameless? Righteous? Not even close.

Old gavel and court minutes displayed at the M...

Old gavel and court minutes displayed at the Minnesota Judicial Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is prayer’s first response to desiring relationship with a holy God.  Here we are reminded to fall daily before the throne of God, admitting the reality of our need for spiritual amnesty.  This admission of desperate need brings to the court’s dock the beloved Son of God.  The sash around His waist reads ‘Righteous and Blameless One’.  His testimony, spoken before the great eternal court, results in the gavel’s pronunciation: “This one is blameless!”  Looking up we see many robes, like the Son’s, blazing white and being brought to those of us who feared the worst. We stand transfixed as we are draped in the precious fabric and read the writing on each sash, ‘righteous and blameless one’. Amazing mystery: We are dressed and ready to dwell in the sanctuary of God.

Blameless and Righteous,
Soul’s Father, Pure Spirit, Holy One;
Your mercy and love
for each soul who owns blame
cracks the doorway impossibly wide.
The unthinkable happens;
We, hopelessly stubborn,
proud, selfish, unrighteous,
now find ourselves robed like the Son.
May our walk be like yours,
As your indwelling life lifts each footfall to land
Somehow blameless like You, Righteous One.


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