Thirty-one Ordinary Prayers, #13


A Prayer Considering God’s Involvement in Our Lives (Paraphrasing Psalm 127)

Creator, All-powerful and eternally present Father, help us see Your involvement in our lives. Any plan of ours that leaves You out of the picture is only doomed to fail—it’s useless, fruitless and hopeless. It’s like building a house without an architect, or like guarding a national border without knowing where the boundary lines lie. We just don’t have the big picture like You do, Lord.

We ourselves don’t have the resources to provide what we really need because everything ultimately comes from You. Even the strength to accomplish our daily tasks is from You; it is good for that day, but then we must rest. The hours we spend in unconscious slumber ought to remind us of the true picture, Lord: You are the only all-powerful One. You grant life and You grant sleep. You grant strength for the day. The successes of our work are thanks to You.

Take children, for instance. They are a gift from You, a wonderful example of Your design to bless us and this world You made. You are the living Spirit who breathes soul into every child’s life—the gift of bearing Your image. Your intention is to bless that life by fulfilling Your wonderful plans for each of them.

Earthly families are only a shadow of the Real Family, though. Through Jesus, You invite us to join Your family, making us children of Yours, heavenly Father. Then, like a bowstring, You send Your children out, arrows in flight to accomplish Your life-giving goals—results bringing peace and hope and love.

Almighty God, successful in every good thing, we acknowledge and thank You as we consider Your involvement in our lives. Fill us and empower us to bless You and to bless this world of Yours.

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