Thirty-one Ordinary Prayers, #19

Prayer for Unity (A Paraphrase of Psalm 133)

How good and pleasant it is, LORD, when our families live in a state of unity and peace. You, as our Heavenly Father, know the value of that among Your children, LORD. We’re called to love You and to extend that love to others. Yet on our own it is so difficult to do.

We quarrel and grasp and gossip when we ought to use our words and actions to bring health and healing to those around us. We forget our common hope, our shared faith, and our bond of peace through which Your Spirit makes us a family.

May Your Spirit enable us to live lives obedient to Your goal of unity until finally in Heaven that will be complete and perfect. Like oil poured on the head of old Israel’s priests and kings is our anointing to this end. Like fresh dew falling on valley fields and grassy mountain slopes is Your blessing on this pursuit.

We joyfully anticipate our eternal home with You, Father, where our lives will be blessed in unity with one another and with You. May we find that blessing here in our lives today too, and may that unity bring You glory, Father of Hope and Prince of Peace.


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