Thirty-one Ordinary Prayers, #25

Prayer Exploring God’s Transforming Presence (Paraphrase of Psalm 139)

Nothing about me is hidden from You, God. You know my actions, my thoughts and my mind, my goals and intentions better than I know them myself.

You are a hedge around all sides of me; Your hand rests over me. Your presence pervades my being and my doing. Is there any situation, I ask myself, where Your Spirit will leave me?

On the bright days when I feel on top of the world, I’m convinced of and thankful for Your presence. I’m beginning to sense Your presence just as much on the dark days—the dull, or disappointing, or terribly painful moments when I’m at the end of myself. Your loving, guiding, comforting hand never leaves me. It is knowing Your presence that turns my darkest night into brightest daylight.

I get the sense You’ve been intimately involved in my life right from the start, LORD; from the time I was nothing more than a few tiny cells embedded in my mother’s womb, on into eternity, You’ve known all my days. As I’ve become more aware of Your true and noble presence, Lord, I’m more aware of my own proud and selfish tendencies. I am my own worst enemy! Like a mercenary army, this bent of mine to think and do evil will destroy me unless You do all in Your power to change me.

So I’m opening myself to Your human-transformation project, God: the costly-to-Yourself cleansing of forgiveness, the birthing of a new Spirit-led nature in me, and the vesting of my person with a blamelessness that comes straight from Jesus. Search me to the depths of my heart and soul. Replace my anxieties with the peace of Your presence, and my offensiveness with the goodness of Your presence. Change me back into the image of Yourself You designed me to embody, and lead me in the way everlasting

(Photo Credit: MeghanBustardphotography)


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